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I finally got my hands on the new SheaMoisture Cosmetic line! After seeing all the picture on Instagram which had us practically salivating I could not wait to try them out.  After failing at every attempt to find them at my local Target stores SheaMoisture kindly sent over a couple of products for me to try.  Currently there aren’t many lines exclusively for Women of Color that are sold at places like Target or our local drug stores. The first ones that come to mind are Iman and Black Opal, but SheaMoisture is the only line that deals in Hair Care, Bath and Body and now Cosmetics! Currently this line is exclusively sold at Target and now is being sold on From the SheaMoisture Cosmetics line I received a Sheer Foundation, Creme Concealer, Wet and Dry Powder and a Lip Stain. While were mostly concerned with whats inside the

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Beautiful girl thinking what to dress in walk-in closet

If you’re like me every time you look in your closet you have nothing to wear. It’s even worse when it’s time to change out your wardrobe for the season. Nothing fits, this particular item isn’t in style anymore, and we all have that “What was I thinking?” piece of clothing that you throw into a donation bag and hope that nobody knows it came from you. This year for spring I’m doing things a bit different. Instead of going with  whats on trend I’m choosing to follow my heart and pick key pieces that look great on me and flatter my current curvy figure. Lets start with the accessories! Spring is all about color and going bold . This  year for my spring wardrobe  I wanted a few stand out pieces that I could coordinate with several different outfits. I’m so mad I’m late to the Cambridge Satchel band

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Spring Give Away

  April Showers doesn’t always mean rain. We’re making it rain money in the Beauty Blogger Coalition and it’s you’re chance to walk away with either a $500, $250 or $130 dollar gift card. Entry is easy, we’re using the Rafflecopter widget which you’ll find below. Good Luck!   a Rafflecopter giveaway

Outfit of the Day, Casual Color,

This past Saturday I decided to do another outfit of the Day. Since I was driving to Baltimore to pick up my mother who’s visiting this weekend I decided to keep it pretty casual and simple but just add a pop of color with my makeup and accessories. I love pairing Coral and a bright summer blue together. Sometimes it can come off a bit much, but if you do it just the colors complement each other so well.  I just received my new Superga Lace Sneakers from Shopbop so I wanted to take them for a test run. With a simple pair of Loft Cuvy Straight leg jeans and a cotton top I was ready to hit the road. Of course, my outfit wasn’t complete without my new Celine like handbag that I scooped from Target for only $29.99!  Check out pictures from my outfit below!

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks.jpg

Spring is here!! *hits my dougie* With the warm sun, budding flowers, and spring showers also comes some must have new colors from Too Faced! Readers, meet the new Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks!  These are more then a lipstick they are a Stain, Lip Gloss and Lipstick all in one. Now I’m sure you don’t have anything like that in your stash.. thinking OCC Liptars? Think again, these are nothing like them!

Brahmin Tent Sale, Brahmin Sample Sale, Brahmin Outlet

  The Brahmin Tent will be here in no time! I’m still undecided on if I want to make the trip again, but that doesn’t mean I can’t prepare you for the shopping experience of a life time!! I’ve been twice already and I’ve had a rather awesome experience as you can see from my bags in Trip 1 and Trip 2 .Here are ten things you need to know to survive the Brahmin Tent Sale 2014 which is coming up May 16th, 17th and 18th. 1. Get there Early: If you plan on shopping the first day you want to be sure that you’re one of the first in line. Trust me this is where the serious shoppers are .Don’t be alarmed by the ladies with the pop up laundry bags, they know what they’re doing. If this is your first rodeo don’t be afraid to chat up the

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MAC Surf Baby blush

Yesterday I went into Sephora to return something and walked back out empty handed. Yes I know I have a 15% off VIB coupon to use but I’m really trying to control my spending and get this credit card paid off before the end of May. I already featured this  product in a video that shows My Favorite Orange and Coral Blushes. Today I wanted to add a little bit of color to my cheeks so I pulled out my MAC Surf Baby Blush.  Isn’t it gorgeous? It was a limited edition item that came about 2 years ago. Were you able to snag it?

Bevel Razor For Coarse Hair

I think my husband is one of the sexiest men on earth. He has a football player’s build, deep voice and a sexy chocolate bald head. Now remember ladies, I said he’s married! Since my husband won’t let his hair grow due to what he consider to be thin patches in his hair from wearing a football helmet, he keeps it shaved. This shaving process happens 3-4x’s a week and while the end result is a semi smooth head – I say semi because he uses clippers – the only problem is hair gets ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE! This is one of my biggest pet peeves and though I’ve brought up the issue over and over again I’m always defeated in this area. I guess I just have to accept that there will be tiny pieces of hair in the sink, around the vanity and on the floor. Well, that’s at least

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#Lupita Nyong'o #lancome

.@lupita_nyongo joins Lancôme! #lupitaforlancome #beautyicon © Alexi Lubomirski for Lancôme — Lancôme USA (@LancomeUSA) April 4, 2014 When Lupita Nyong’o won an Oscar for her role in 12 years a slave the beauty word was a flurry with which company she should become a brand ambassador for. Everyone was casting their lots their company of choice and  I’ll admit I would have loved to see her with Make Up For Ever or Nars, but with every nucleotide in my body I did not want to see her with MAC Cosmetics. Why? Why would I not want  see one of the most admirable and influential African American icon’s with one of the top cosmetics companies in the world? It’s simple MAC has handed out cosmetic collections like they’re condoms at the free clinic. Yes, I said it and it’s true. To me, a MAC collection doesn’t live up to the

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Jergens BB Body Cream

This post was sponsored by Jergens BB Body Cream through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Jergens BB Body Cream, all opinions are my own.”  BB Creams, they took the cosmetic industry by storm and soon there weren’t only BB Creams but their were CC, and DD creams! Too much, yea I thought so too and I never really jumped on the band wagon because there was  never shade or a formula made that would work with my skin tone.  I’d honestly thought the BB Cream phase was over and it was until Jergens unleashed some newness on us. The Jergens BB Body Cream is a 5 in 1 product that is specifically formulated with self-adjusting tone technology that provides a customized solution for your skin tone.  The product hydrates, illuminates, corrects, evens, and firms. I’ve been  testing this product out for

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This post was sponsored by and contains affiliate links. Everyone looks forward to getting their tax refund. While, some consider this to be a free loan we shouldn’t be giving the government others like to think of it as the second Christmas and finally your chance to buy all the things you want for yourself. This year with our tax refund my husband and I decided to pay off one of our cars and a couple of other small bills. We also decided that each of us would receive a small allotment of “spending money” to do as we pleased with. With my small allotment I decided to grab a couple of beauty items I had my eyes on and also restock some items that I was running low on which honestly in my opinion is one of the funnest way to spend your Tax Refund money. MICHAEL Michael

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Pointed Toe Flats

  I’m sure people there are several out there who will can feel my pain. Spring and Summer is upon us and at my job I’m not allowed to wear opened toed shoes. This makes perfect sense seeing as how I work in a a laboratory but it’s really hard to see all your friends out and about in their cute open toed shoes while your piggy’s aren’t allowed to see the light of day until you get off work. This year I decided that I wasn’t going let that rule get the best of me and so I’ve been on the look for the perfect pair of pointed  flat shoes to  spark some life into my confined summer wardrobe.  I like shoes that are very stylish, eye catching and also comfortable.  My favorite right now is the Alice + Olivia Stacey Face Pointed Shoe and of course because my name

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