Summer is officially here,its the time to break out the short skirts, the cute wedges and bright colors, it is not the time however, for you to allow your makeup to sweat off! If you find that the current product you use is a bit to heavy for the heat and humidity it might be time to switch to your summer foundation or Tinted Moisturizer. Summer foundations are usually a shade darker to match tanned skin and the formula is lighter in terms of density.Instead of using my MAC MatchMaster or my CoverGirl Queen Collection Foundation I opt to go with lighter options. Some days I choose to wear only my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish on top of a light sun screen, and on days when I want more coverage I reach for my Tinted Moisturizer.

Tinted Moisturizer Foundations are a great way to wear your makeup and get protection from the sun at the same time. Formulas of tinted moisturizers  usually contain a moisturizer along sun screen that ranges from SPF 15  to SPF 30. If you don’t want to switch to a lighter foundation, or if you cant find a Tinted SPF Moisturizer in your color another great option is to sheer your foundation down using sun screen. This is simple and easy to do, just take your foundation and mix it with a small dap of your preferred sun screen and apply!

Remember, sun screen is super important no matter what your complexion. Check out some of these tinted moisturizers with SPF below. Whats your current regimen for battling the sun and staying cute?






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