Sation California Gleamin’ Collection Swatches

I don’t visit the nail salon as often as I should, but I do remember Sation Nail Polish before its metamorphosis. Remember the big chunky bottles with the thick gold lettering that came in almost every color? In order to keep up with the ever-changing times Miss Professional Nails, the makers of Sation Nail Polish, rebranded this line from its initial 1985 debut. With a new logo, bottle and packaging Sation is catching the eye of many and re-attracting the nail-loving crowd like moths to a Flame. I must admit I am one of those moths. Like many other great nail products this line is three-free and includes 43 of the original Sation Colors. I stumbled upon Sation again when it released its California Gleamin’ Collection. I immediately fell in love, lust and all those “thou shall not do type of things”. Being the nail horder connoisseur that I am, I picked up seven polishes from the collection The colors where bright, vivid, and screamed summer! What I like about Sation is that it leaves the gimmicks behind. While many Nail Polish companies are coming out with their “Bright” and “Neon” collections Sation gives us one collection that includes it all from Neon to Sheer, to Bold, and Dainty. I really liked the ease of application also. While some of the polishes went on sheer adding an extra coat or two was easy and didn’t cause any streaking or clumping which can be a huge pain when you’re in a rush!


What Do You Guys Think of the Collection? Have you Grabbed Any Yet?

Sation can be found at Miss Professional Nail and retails for $5

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