At the Top of their Class, Miss Professional Nail “Class of Sation” Collection Swatches

High School yearbooks bring back such great memories. One of the most important one was your Senior Year Book. Remember, how you couldn’t wait to get your hands on it and turn to the superlatives to see what your classmates and your teachers thought of you. Categories such as “Most Popular”, “Best Dressed”, and “Most Athletic” were like curses at my school. The people voted into these categories grew up to be the exact opposite, it was alway those that flew under the radar or who were voted in categories by the teachers that really lived up to the nominated names. I was voted “Most Colorful Personality” by my educators. I can say to this day that title fits. Your probably wondering what does this have to do with Sation Nail Lacquer??….

Miss Professional Nail the makers of Sation Nail Lacquers brings us their Limited Edition “Class of Sation” Collection. The graduating Nail Lacquer Class of 2012 cast their votes, and 24 lacquers were assigned to cleverly quipped categories such as Tardy Tart, Most Likely Not to Chip, Band Beauty and Jock Juggler. I thought this collection was one of the most unique I’ve ever seen, and I went through each one trying to decide which fit me the best. I must say again, the formula for these polishes  is beyond amazing. Colors like Tardy Tart and Jock Juggler only needed one application to offer full coverage. The wide brush is great and allows for easy application. I picked up a couple of these delicacies and also received a few from Miss Professional nail to review. Check out some of the swatches from a couple of items from the collection below

 Which lacquer best describes you?


* Products with asterisks  were given to me by a public relations company consideration for review This in no way affects my thoughts and viewpoints of the product. For more information on my review policy please visit here.

My name is Melody Robinson Wright, and I am a wearer of many hats. When I’m not taking care of the home as a loving wife and mom to two spoiled dogs, I’m in the lab tackling one life’s biggest diseases, Malaria. I am also the Beauty Editor of, where beauty rules are so faux pas! I am a admitted beauty junkie who has refused rehab. I love all things beauty wether it’s high end or found in your local drug store.

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  4. Amber at 2:46 pm

    These are gorgeous colors, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of this brand before, i’m going to have to check them out. I guess Most Hue-nique would probably describe me the most in high school, I was quiet and artsy. Now though, I’m probably a mix of Most Hue-nique and Loudest color lol.

    • Melody Author at 6:30 am

      Amber thats the beauty in growing up, People change! Sation rebranded themselves. They were around before but in this big chunky bottles and had gold writing.

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