Ever find yourself spending loads of money on makeup only to wonder if there is a cheaper,  yet equally great alternative that will give you just as much bang for you buck? I did  do this constantly. I love my MAC Cosmetics lip pencils, but at $14 a pop my wallet was begging me to start seeing other pencils.

NYX cosmetics, is a great brand for us ladies who like to look fly on a budget. One of the important parts of looking fly of course is to have a great lip pencil! NYX Slim Lip Pencils fit my budget and fit all my lip pencil needs. Depending on where you find them they can retail between $3.49 to $1.00. I was purchasing these from Ulta but then I found two local BSS that carried these for $1.00!. What I really like about the NYX Slim Lip Pencils is their great long lasting pigmentation. I honestly thought that a lip pencil that retailed for $3.49 would probably be a waste a money, but boy was I proven wrong. Now when I’m reaching for a liner I always consider if I have a NYX pencil that can do the trick. The formula of the liner is buttery and goes on smooth. If  find that one of my pencils is a bit dry a just give it two good turns in the sharpener and it’s back ready to work. These pencils are great if you have lip products that are bleeders. To really make my lipstick stand out I prime my lips by filling them in entirely with the pencil. 

NYX Slim Lip Pencils come in 60 different shades and I’m sharing my collection with you. Instead of swatching on my arm I’ve filled my entire lip in with the Slim Lip Pencil so you could see it’s true color. Now I must warn you some of the colors make my lips look like the classic Dave Chapelle character Tyrone Biggums, so continue at your own risk!

I really love these pencils and with 6o shades my collection is not yet complete. I’ve been on the look out for the colors “Orange” and “Purple Rain”, if you’re in the Philadelphia area and find these colors please let me know where!!


Don’t own any NYX Slim Lip Pencils..What are you waiting for?


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