I missed day’s 3 and 4 for Breast Cancer Awareness so I’ll make it up to you by sharing an amazing skin care set that at least has pink bottles.

Everyone knows about my daily battle with oily skin, sometimes I win but more so I lose. Skin care regimens are very important for a women of any age. Since discovering DHC and using their Acerola Essential Set my skin has never looked better!

The Acerola Essential Set is a radiance boosting- Vitamin C Skin Care Set. The vitamin C comes from the acerola berry. By using its fruit and seed extracts, which contains more milligrams of vitamin C than an orange, each item is packing tons of goodness for your face.

I’ve been using the Acerola Essential Set for over a month and the changes to my skin have been phenomenal.  My skin appears brighter, softer, and more even. The Acerola is especially beneficial for those with overactive skin, as it helps reduce excess sebum

Acerola Extract: The Acerola Extract is great for evening and smoothing the skin. Just apply a small dab on your finger tips to problem areas or dark spots and watch as they slowly start to smooth and fade away. I use the extract at night after toning.

Acerola Lotion:  The Acerola Lotion is a refreshing age defying skin toner. I use this product morning and night and I love how it doesn’t dry out my skin like other harsh toners.

Acerola Gel: The Acerola Gel is my fave fave favorite of the entire set. This light weight oil free moisturizer makes me want to just get rid of all my others. I use this in the morning after toning and before applying makeup. What I love is that it’s so light weight yet so effective. I don’t even have to wait forever for it to dry before applying my makeup, because my skin absorbs it so quickly. Once the gel is applied I apply the DHC Velvet Skin Coat on top.

Acerola Cream: I really feel like a big girl when I use the Acerola Cream. I use it after toning at night to give my skin a bedtime snack. When I wake up my skin doesn’t look so dull and lifeless. Unlike most night creams this one is fragrance free so no worries about a strong smell while your trying to sleep.

I honestly think I’ve found a great skin care regimen that really gives me great results. While the Vitamin C from the Acerola Berry help combat free radicals that can damage the skin it also helps combat the oiliness of my skin allowing me to go worry free throughout the day. The Acerola Essential Set can be purchased at DHCcare.com for $69.


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