We all know whatever Oprah Winfrey touches, shouts out, or uses in between her toes turns to gold. It looks like whatever the come up queen Kim Kardashian touches turns to.. Banana Powder??? Aww yes Banana Luxury  Powder, made by Ben Nye Cosmetics, banana powder is a ultra-neutral powder that provides superior matte and subtle finishing. Last year, Mario D, Kim K’s makeup artist shared with world how he creates Kim’s flawless highlighted and contoured faced. Once he mentioned setting the concealer with Banana Powder it started flying off of the shelves so fast that there is actually a world wide shortage. I’ve owned Banana Powder for years, and I actually still own my same 3oz jar. The reason I still have this same jar is because Banana Powder is not meant to be used with everyone’s skin tone.In 2013 I really want to see us being more informed about products

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