L’oreal Miss Candy Collection Nail Polish

L'oreal Miss Candy Collection Nail Polishes


L’oreal Miss Candy Collection is a whole lot of colorful fun. I received 4 nail polishes from the collection for review. There are 7 colors in this collection not pictured are a pretty nice orange, green and yellow. I must warn you of two things before we get to the swatches. 1. I have nubbs.. I know I know I can’t help it my nails just keep darn breaking! 2. These are jellies, if you don’t like jelly polishes then read no further. However, I must warn you the blue one is pretty epic!


Bubble Trouble

A bubblicious bubble gum cotton candy pinkk jelly.

L'oreal Miss Candy Collection Nail Polish Bubble Trouble

Jolly Lolly

Jolly Lolly reminds of me the candy red hots. It’s a gorgeous cherry red color. L'oreal Miss Candy Collection Nail Polish Jolly Lolly

Miss Pixie

Miss Pixie is pretty darn epic. I never expected a jelly blue to look the way this one does. I absolutely love love love it and I can’t wait to pair it with the L’oreal nail lingerie stickers.  L'oreal Miss Candy Collection Nail Polish Miss Pixie

Berry Nice

Berry Nice is a deep jelly purple. It’s not too dark that it doesn’t pair well with spring but it’s dark enough if you’re more into deeper colors.

L'oreal Miss Candy Collection Nail Polish Berry Nice

What do you think of the new L’oreal Miss Candy Collection? Have you grabbed any for yourself?

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  1. Sandy at 2:50 pm

    Are they out yet? I’ve seen this in a few blogs and I can’t find the Miss Candy anywhere. I’ve checked Walgreen’s, CVS, and Walmart to no avail. Pleasue clue me.. I love LOVE jellies!!! =) Thank you…

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