Zoya Fall Pixiedust Swatches are Here!!

Press Sample Zoya Fall Pixiedust Featured Image

The Zoya Fall Pixiedust were released on July 15th and they are already snatching the wigs off of every textured polish that hit the scene. Mind you Zoya has already released a Winter, and Summer Pixiedust collection but honey… HONEY Zoya did their thang with the Fall Pixiedust line.  Six brand new Textured Matte Sparkle polishes that are excellent not only for fall but for all year round wear. Each shade is available at Zoya.com and retails for $9 each. Let me just say you might want to hurry up before these babies sell out!! Zoya Fall PixieDust


Chita is a deep emerald green polish that reminds me of an Evergreen. I’m not a huge green polish wearer but I could see myself taking this for a spin
Zoya Fall Pixiedust Chita


Go buy it! If you feel your a queen this regal purple is everything! Go Buy it! Zoya Fall Pixiedust Carter


Zoya Arabella is a Rich Fuchsia. This one doesn’t seem to have as much sparkle and bling as the rest of the polish  but it is still a gorgeous color.
Zoya Fall Pixiedust Arabella


With a Name like Sunshine you expect this polish to be bright and yellow. It’s described as a Van Gogh Blue but it reminds me of the blue shade you see in the ocean when your standing on  a cruise deck.  Zoya Fall Pixiedust Sunshine


Tomoko is the ultimate going out nail color. This Glowing Silver makes me want to put on my gold shiny pants and hit the dance floor! I guarantee  this one will sell out and will be a huge fan favorite!
Zoya Fall Pixiedust Tomoko


Zhara is a pumpkin toned copper. This is the perfect shade to wear on Thanksgiving. Textured polish is a great and durable so don’t worry about messing up your mani when your digging your hands into the turkey. Zoya Fall Pixiedust Dhara

Zoya has come out with all three seasons of Pixiedust and I do think they saved the best for last. Which season was your favorite? Stay tuned for swatches of the Cashmere and Satin Collection coming soon!

My name is Melody Robinson Wright, and I am a wearer of many hats. When I’m not taking care of the home as a loving wife and mom to two spoiled dogs, I’m in the lab tackling one life’s biggest diseases, Malaria. I am also the Beauty Editor of Cosmetically-Challenged.com, where beauty rules are so faux pas! I am a admitted beauty junkie who has refused rehab. I love all things beauty wether it’s high end or found in your local drug store.

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