Makeup Wars Favorite Purple Polish

Orly Fowl Play Bottle 1 For this edition of Makeup Wars we’re talking our Favorite Purple Polish I’m not a huge fan of plain purple polish but I love a purple polish that has an extra bit of oomph to it! When going through my stash to pick out my favorite purple polish I had it narrowed down between three, OPI DS “Temptation”, Zoya’s Pixiedust in “Carter” and Orly “Fowl Play”. After a bout of inny minny minnie moe I finally narrowed it down to Orly’s Fowl Play. What I like about this nail polish is that it is a warm brown purple that has a bit of everything mixed within it. You get shimmer, sparkle and duochrome flecks so it’s kind of like 3 polishes in one.

Orly Flow Play Swatch 2 Outside

In order to get really great  full coverage I used three coats, allowing the polish to dry a couple of minutes in between each coat. Notice how the polish reflects the blue and orange shimmer and duochrome flecks in the sunlight. This is definitely not your grandma’s purple polish.  Orly’s Fowl play was released with the “Birds of the Feather” collection in 2011. If you really like this color it is available at!

Orly Fowl Play Swatch

What do you think of Orly’s Fowl Play? Does it fall in line with your favorites or is it  just another purple polish?

Here are some other purple polishes that almost made it into the top slot of this particular Makeup Wars. All have been linked so you can see add’l polishes from the collection!

Zoya Pixie Dust in “Carter

Zoya Fall Pixiedust Carter

 SATION “Tardy Tart”

Tardy Tart*

China Glaze No Plain Jane

No Plain Jane Swatch

L’oreal Royalty Reinvented L'oreal Trendsetter Nail Polisn in Royalty Reinvented

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  1. Pink Sith at 10:21 am

    Ooooh. They all look so pretty (Except for the zoya…do not want textured polish! LOL) I am adding to my shopping list as I type this! Great pictures too!

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