Makeup Wars Favorite Color: Coral!


This week for Makeup Wars we’re doing favorite colors! Coral is my absolute favorite color. I love it in all its glorious tones pinky coral, orangy coral, peachy coral and even coral coral. I think that coral looks great with my on brown skin tones. Especially if paired with a bronzer. It really gives women of color the look of “rosy cheeks” or a slight hint of a blush.I have many awesome coral fashion finds that I love to mix and math, but since this is Makeup Wars I’ll share some of my favorite Coral  Makeup. Now to be honest I usually only do Coral Makeup from the cheeks down. I don’t have too many coral colored eyeshadows ,but I honestly need to change that judging by how good the color looks overall on my skin. Check out some of the images below and let me know what you thnk.


First up we have the Coral nail polishes. My top pick is L’oreals Trendsetter Nail Polish in “Orange you Jealous”. Anyone would be jealous of this beautiful color! Next is Zoya’s Thandie nail polish. It’s more of an orange toned coral but it’s really pretty and looks great on my skin tone.

L'oreal Trendsetter Nail Polish in Orange You Jealous

L’oreal Trendsetter Nail Polish in Orange You Jealous

Zoya Stunning Thandie

Zoya Stunning Thandie



Loreal Blushes Open Some other great coral blushes are MAC Surf Baby which sort of looks like the Rihanna Hearts collection blush that was just released. I also like the Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush in Naughty!


Maybelline Coral Heat High Shine Gloss

Maybelline Coral Heat High Shine Gloss

On my lips is Maybelline’s Coral Heat. I like this coral because it’s not as bright. Betty Bright is a more pink toned Coral lipstick Betty Bright Swatch

Check out some other the other favorite color picks in this makeup wars series below!


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