SassySecret Clip in Bangs with a Side Swoop!

Last February I had Senegalese Twist installed. I hadn’t had braids in years and I wanted to take a break from doing my hair so I decided that they would be the best thing. Everything was going great honestly, the braids didn’t feel too tight around my edges and I had no issues with hair bumps that indicate such. No problems that is until I took my braids out. I noticed thats some of my hair came out with my braids seriously thinning the edges along my right temple.

Thin Edges from Braids The picture shown above is actually about several months later with tons of new growth, even though the area is still thin just imagine that it was 10x’s worse when it first occurred.  As a Women of Color I know how precious edges are and how it can cause one to lose a bit a self confidence. I mostly now wear my hair in styles that cover my that side, or if I’m wearing a sew in as a protective style my stylist is sure to leave a large portion of my hair out around that area.

I was recently given the opportunity to try out SassySecrets Clip in Side Bangs. They had no idea that I was dealing with issue so it was honestly a heaven sent.

Sassy secret Clip in Bangs

The clip in Bangs come are 100% Remy Human Hair and come with three small clip attachments that allow you easily secure the unit onto your hair without worry about it pulling. What I really liked is that the hair mimics relaxed hair so it blends really well even if you’re transitioning as I am.

Clip in Bangs Front Clip in Combs

Installing the unit was easy. I just sectioned off a very small part of my hair to comb and blend with the bangs above and under it. The hair at the bottom allows for good support for the combs also. Once it’s installed where you want it you can use a flat iron to increase the swoopage of the bang.

Swoop Bang from the side swoop bang

Notice how it adds awesome coverage to my recouping edges!! This way I can still rock a pony tail and not worry about feeling self conscious. I am applying Jamaican Black Castor Oil Nightly and as I said before my hair has come a long way but this here swoop bang is gonna make the this journey a little bit easier. Interested in your own side bang? You can find them at and it only retails for $39.99! Clip in Swoope Bangs


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