Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color Is True to it’s Name!

Product Sent for Review Milani Cosmetics Spring 2014 Lip Intense Liquid Colorin shades  Violet Addiction, Fiery Coral and Pink Rave


Milani Cosmetics Lip Intense Liquid Color is seriously like…really I have no words to actually describe what it’s like because the name says it all. It’s an intense rich vibrant mesh of gloss and lipstick. I guess I could kind of liken it to a a creamy lip tar. The colors are bold and bright, I have three of the four to share with you today but I’m definitely going to add the red to my collection. If you’ think you’ve seen a product like this before you’re right. These products are very reminiscent of the Milani Haute Flash Lip Glosses that were discontinued a couple of years ago.The only difference is that these have absolutely no shimmer. I really loved the intensity of those lipglosses. Now with a new smaller chic bullet package I’m happy to see them making a comeback

Price: $6.49

Availability: Wherever Milani Products are sold including online


Pink Rave

Pink Rave is a raspberry toned pink. It reminds of a mix between Uptown Mauve and Plum Rose Color Statement lipsticks found here. As you can see the color is vivid, bright and definitely brown girl friendly!

Milani Cosmetics Spring 2014 Lip Intense Liquid Color 02 Pink Rave

Fiery Coral

Fiery Coral is INTENSE! It was hard for me to catch the intensity of the lip color but it is definitely a fiery coral like the name states. When my husband walked in he was like WHOA! This shade would look great paired on top of MAC’s Ablaze lip pencil or any other coral shade pencil.

Milani Cosmetics Spring 2014 Lip Intense Liquid Color 03 Fiery Coral

Violet Addict

Violet Addict is a pale lavender. The intensity of the color in the packaging does not transfer onto lips but nonetheless this is a great color if you want a purple toned lippie. This color reminds of Maybelline’s Violet Intrigue.


Milani Cosmetics Spring 2014 Lip Intense Liquid Color 04 Violet Addict


All these colors are Brown Girl Friendly and will be released in your local stores starting February. Just the other day I was in CVS and I spotted a few of the new Milani items on the shelf so be on the look out.

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