Outfit of the Day: Weekend Edition March 1st

It’s funny, before I became a PhD student I was all about looking cute, fashion and accessories and the whole nine. Now that I spend most of my time in the dark room singing the songs “bands will make her dance” as I wait for the film for my Westerns to develop I choose sweat pants over fitted jeans and my oh so comfortable Bearpaw boots over a cute pair of booties.  I’ve decided that on Saturdays I’m going to try my best to actually get dressed and go somewhere and by doing this do a weekly outfit of the day. Bear with me (and my husband) as we try to get this thing right, it’s ubber awkward at first but I think we did pretty good for our first go around. I’m now realizing we missed my watch and ring and didn’t get pictures of the detailing on my leather jacket, but we know for next time! Oh, and remember when I said I cut off all my hair and went with a tapered cut. Welp finally pictures of that below too!

Outfit of the Day, Vince Camuto Kyla Shoulder

Earrings: Peace Images Jewelry Outfit of the Day, Vince Camuto Kyla Shoulder

Handbag: Vince Camuto Kyla Shoulder Clutch Convertible Outfit of the Day, Vince Camuto Kyla Shoulder Vince Camuto Pony Booties

Booties: Vince Camuto Outfit of the Day, Vince Camuto Kyla Shoulder

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My name is Melody Robinson Wright, and I am a wearer of many hats. When I’m not taking care of the home as a loving wife and mom to two spoiled dogs, I’m in the lab tackling one life’s biggest diseases, Malaria. I am also the Beauty Editor of Cosmetically-Challenged.com, where beauty rules are so faux pas! I am a admitted beauty junkie who has refused rehab. I love all things beauty wether it’s high end or found in your local drug store.

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