Beautiful girl thinking what to dress in walk-in closet

If you’re like me every time you look in your closet you have nothing to wear. It’s even worse when it’s time to change out your wardrobe for the season. Nothing fits, this particular item isn’t in style anymore, and we all have that “What was I thinking?” piece of clothing that you throw into a donation bag and hope that nobody knows it came from you. This year for spring I’m doing things a bit different. Instead of going with  whats on trend I’m choosing to follow my heart and pick key pieces that look great on me and flatter my current curvy figure. Lets start with the accessories! Spring is all about color and going bold . This  year for my spring wardrobe  I wanted a few stand out pieces that I could coordinate with several different outfits. I’m so mad I’m late to the Cambridge Satchel band

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Outfit of the Day, Casual Color,

This past Saturday I decided to do another outfit of the Day. Since I was driving to Baltimore to pick up my mother who’s visiting this weekend I decided to keep it pretty casual and simple but just add a pop of color with my makeup and accessories. I love pairing Coral and a bright summer blue together. Sometimes it can come off a bit much, but if you do it just the colors complement each other so well.  I just received my new Superga Lace Sneakers from Shopbop so I wanted to take them for a test run. With a simple pair of Loft Cuvy Straight leg jeans and a cotton top I was ready to hit the road. Of course, my outfit wasn’t complete without my new Celine like handbag that I scooped from Target for only $29.99!  Check out pictures from my outfit below!

Brahmin Tent Sale, Brahmin Sample Sale, Brahmin Outlet

  The Brahmin Tent will be here in no time! I’m still undecided on if I want to make the trip again, but that doesn’t mean I can’t prepare you for the shopping experience of a life time!! I’ve been twice already and I’ve had a rather awesome experience as you can see from my bags in Trip 1 and Trip 2 .Here are ten things you need to know to survive the Brahmin Tent Sale 2014 which is coming up May 16th, 17th and 18th. 1. Get there Early: If you plan on shopping the first day you want to be sure that you’re one of the first in line. Trust me this is where the serious shoppers are .Don’t be alarmed by the ladies with the pop up laundry bags, they know what they’re doing. If this is your first rodeo don’t be afraid to chat up the

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Pointed Toe Flats

  I’m sure people there are several out there who will can feel my pain. Spring and Summer is upon us and at my job I’m not allowed to wear opened toed shoes. This makes perfect sense seeing as how I work in a a laboratory but it’s really hard to see all your friends out and about in their cute open toed shoes while your piggy’s aren’t allowed to see the light of day until you get off work. This year I decided that I wasn’t going let that rule get the best of me and so I’ve been on the look for the perfect pair of pointed  flat shoes to  spark some life into my confined summer wardrobe.  I like shoes that are very stylish, eye catching and also comfortable.  My favorite right now is the Alice + Olivia Stacey Face Pointed Shoe and of course because my name

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Yellow Handbag, Solange

I’ve been in search of the perfect yellow handbag. It doesn’t have to be super neon bright but just fun enough to be fashionable and turn heads.  I have my eyes set on this Yellow Chloe Marci’ Mini Shoulder Bag, but since I have to be a responsible adult and make sure all bills are paid before I go out and buy this darling it may take me quite a while. Depending on the shade, some yellow handbags can even be worn during the fall and winter for that extra added pop of color.    Chloe Marcie Mini Shoulder Bag, Yellow Since I can’t get my Chloe just yet I’ve picked out some other great Fashionable Yellow Handbags that  work for every budget.  I am really in love with the Serpui Marie Toucan Embroidered Fauna Clutch. It is the absolute cutest bag, and would work great for either day or

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Lord and Taylor 424 5th Collection

I really enjoy shopping in Lord and Taylor, this store usually has great finds and sales on items that I won’t find anywhere else. Did you see the Michael Kors bag that I scooped for a mere $158? Yep, I only paid $158 for a Large Michael Kors Saffiano Tote all thanks to the amazing deals and coupons that Lord and Taylors provides their customers with. They honestly keep me coming back as loyal shopper. Today I received an email featuring the new Lord and Taylor 424 5th collection. This collection has what I believe to be 165 pieces, mostly in the black and white family color scheme. I’ve seen bits and pieces of this collection in the store before and I almost walked out with the Bull Terrier sweater the same day I purchased my handbag, but the way my bank account is set up…. I’ve still got my

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Phillip Lim Pashli, Phillip Lim for Target, Outfit of the Day Cosmetically Challenged, Michael KorsPhillip Lim Pashli, Phillip Lim for Target, Outfit of the Day Cosmetically Challenged, Michael Kors

Today I decided to dig into the closet and pull out some items that I hadn’t given much love to. I’ve always been a huge fan of Phillip Lim’s Pashli handbags and on a whim I was able to score one from Surprisingly I found the shoes that I’m wearing at the top of my closet when I as digging for another pair that I didn’t even find. I’d never worn them before but I felt they went with my outfit perfectly! I decided to pair this handbag up with a Phillip Lim for Target blazer that I purchased to create a look that would feature a high/lowesque look from the designer. Earrings: Peace Images Jewelry Key to the City

Cosmetically Challenged OOTD, Alexander Wang Rockie Duffel

Guess what guys!! It was over 50 degrees outside today and I did not know how to act! I couldn’t wait to go outside and just feel the warm sun on my skin.  Today I decided that the theme for my Outfit of the day would be playing with fabrics so I went with lace, pleather and suede. I accented this look with my new Alexander Wang Rockie Duffel bag that I am absolutely in love with to ad a bit of color. Compared to last weeks Outfit of the day  where the photos were ubber awkward how do you think I did? Earrings: Peace Images Jewelry 

Outfit of the Day, Vince Camuto Kyla Shoulder

It’s funny, before I became a PhD student I was all about looking cute, fashion and accessories and the whole nine. Now that I spend most of my time in the dark room singing the songs “bands will make her dance” as I wait for the film for my Westerns to develop I choose sweat pants over fitted jeans and my oh so comfortable Bearpaw boots over a cute pair of booties.  I’ve decided that on Saturdays I’m going to try my best to actually get dressed and go somewhere and by doing this do a weekly outfit of the day. Bear with me (and my husband) as we try to get this thing right, it’s ubber awkward at first but I think we did pretty good for our first go around. I’m now realizing we missed my watch and ring and didn’t get pictures of the detailing on my

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Lada Gaga Alexander Mcqueen

The older I get the more I realize that my feet just can’t handles certain types of shoes anymore. When I was a young whipper snapper I used to be able to walk back and forth across the yard to my classes rocking my newest pair of stilettos. Now, before purchasing a shoe I think about the time of wearablilty that’s associate with it. Is this shoe just for show? Will I have to sit down immediately after walking through the door? These questions and many more run through my head before purchasing a shoe now. Each and every year fashion trends become more and more outrageous and shoes are being made to seen and not worn.  In 2009 Lady Gaga was the first celebrity seen wearing Alexander McQueens  Lobster Claw 1o inch stilettos.  I’m not even sure how her feet conformed to wear this shoe for an extended period

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We’ve all lusted and drooled over the many fashions and shoe choices of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw during her run on Sex in the City. While the show has long rolled it’s final credits we’ll never forget the impact this show had on many of our closets. I often wish that I had enough confidence or enough stamina in my feet to wear some of the many fashions of Carrie. We lived vicariously through her and now we may be able to walk in her shoes… Well, ladies hold on to your Credit Cards because SJP will be launching a collection of shoes appropriately called “SJP” with Nordstroms in early 2014! The collection is said to have a price range of $200-$375 and we can expect to see shoes that are reminiscent of SJP’s time spent as Carrie Bradshaw. You can read more about the collection and history

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Kushy Foot Tights

So much for our random 70 degree weather in December, it’s frio outside! The worst part about it being so cold is the fact that usual tights just aren’t cutting it anymore. That is until I heard of Fleece Tights. My initial thoughts were all about how sweaty my thighs were going to be. I mean they already have intimate conversations when I walk so to have them wrapped up all toasty before they got to gossiping wasn’t exactly ideal in my book. My husband loves it when I wear skirts so I decided to give these babies a spin since we were going to be out furniture shopping and the weather was less than ideal. My tights were a size medium/tall and they went super easy! No struggling or anything. The most surprising thing about them was how comfortable they were. They are sorta like Uggs or BearPaws for your

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