Yellow Handbag, Solange

I’ve been in search of the perfect yellow handbag. It doesn’t have to be super neon bright but just fun enough to be fashionable and turn heads.  I have my eyes set on this Yellow Chloe Marci’ Mini Shoulder Bag, but since I have to be a responsible adult and make sure all bills are paid before I go out and buy this darling it may take me quite a while. Depending on the shade, some yellow handbags can even be worn during the fall and winter for that extra added pop of color.    Chloe Marcie Mini Shoulder Bag, Yellow Since I can’t get my Chloe just yet I’ve picked out some other great Fashionable Yellow Handbags that  work for every budget.  I am really in love with the Serpui Marie Toucan Embroidered Fauna Clutch. It is the absolute cutest bag, and would work great for either day or

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Milani Brilliant Shine Lip gloss

Remember when I gave you guys all those juicy lip swatches of the Milani Cosmetics Color Sensational Lip Glosses? Well, get ready for something special to go on top of them. Introducing the Milani Cosmetics Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss!! There are about fourteen shades in all and I have ten swatched for you. The Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss delivers moisture and intense shine. When I first tried them out I seriously expected Lil’ Mama to walk into my room and start a rendition of  “My Lip Gloss is Popping”. Also, there’s nothing better than a non tacky lip gloss. I hate a lipgloss that makes your lips feel like you have tape adhesive stuck on them.

Hair Cuttery, Natural Hair, Tapered Cut, Blonde Natural Hair

  Yep! I changed my hair again!! *Twirls* I honestly believe hair is an accessory. It’s not something you should obsess over, but you should just have fun with it. Last week I was drooling over this picture of a natural haired beauty with a platinum blonde box hair cut. Yes, I am linking you to my instagram again and that means you should follow me! Now Back to the subject at hand, my hair. So after falling in love with that picture my husband who seems to be a little bit more into my hair styles than I am now a days kept asking me when I was going to get it done. I was hesitant because that style is like super epic! I questioned myself. Do I really have what it takes to pull something like that off? I took a picture of the style to my fave

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Lord and Taylor 424 5th Collection

I really enjoy shopping in Lord and Taylor, this store usually has great finds and sales on items that I won’t find anywhere else. Did you see the Michael Kors bag that I scooped for a mere $158? Yep, I only paid $158 for a Large Michael Kors Saffiano Tote all thanks to the amazing deals and coupons that Lord and Taylors provides their customers with. They honestly keep me coming back as loyal shopper. Today I received an email featuring the new Lord and Taylor 424 5th collection. This collection has what I believe to be 165 pieces, mostly in the black and white family color scheme. I’ve seen bits and pieces of this collection in the store before and I almost walked out with the Bull Terrier sweater the same day I purchased my handbag, but the way my bank account is set up…. I’ve still got my

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Asunta-Sheriff, The Makeup Show New York

Whenever I go to The Makeup Show New York I always pick up something that changes my life. No, I don’t mean makeup, I mean in amazing tips, tricks and advice that I learn from the speakers. Yes, shopping for Makeup is fun, but if you really want to change the way you view your artistry, freelancing or any aspect of your career taking time to listen to Headliners is a must. Last year Eve Pearl taught me something that changed my entire blogging career. She taught me how to take charge of my blog and know my worth. I share this lesson with anyone who will listen because like Maya Angelou says “When you know better you do better”. Check out the awesome line up for The Makeup Show New York.  below. Also, there are a couple of new vendors including Sephora,Adamis, Cao Cosmetics, Ve Neill Brushes, Vincent Longo Cosmetics,

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Zoya Magical Pixie Dust Cosmetically Challenged

    Hands down, Zoya has the best textured polish nail polish. I’ve tried several other brands but none come close to Zoya’s formula. I’ve been trying my hardest to grow my nails out so that I can get great swatches of these gorgeous polishes, but no avail. Life has been skressful! Yes, I said skressful. My PhD program has decided to turn up, or I’m just so vested that I end up biting all my  nails off when things don’t work out the way I want them to. This is a daily occurrence unfortunately. I did notice that this formula dried way faster than the other Pixie Dust collections. By the time I was done with the last finger on one hadn I could go back and do a second coat and not worry about clumping or smearing.  Without further ado, I give you the Zoya Magical Pixie Dust

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Phillip Lim Pashli, Phillip Lim for Target, Outfit of the Day Cosmetically Challenged, Michael KorsPhillip Lim Pashli, Phillip Lim for Target, Outfit of the Day Cosmetically Challenged, Michael Kors

Today I decided to dig into the closet and pull out some items that I hadn’t given much love to. I’ve always been a huge fan of Phillip Lim’s Pashli handbags and on a whim I was able to score one from Surprisingly I found the shoes that I’m wearing at the top of my closet when I as digging for another pair that I didn’t even find. I’d never worn them before but I felt they went with my outfit perfectly! I decided to pair this handbag up with a Phillip Lim for Target blazer that I purchased to create a look that would feature a high/lowesque look from the designer. Earrings: Peace Images Jewelry Key to the City

If you follow me on Instagram, (which I know you all are doing anyway) you probably saw the a picture I posted featuring me before applying makeup and afterwards using the Dermablend Quick Fix Concealer. I’ve spoke about my skin disorder before here on Cosmetically Challenged, because honestly my skin disorder is how I came up with the name. I turned to Makeup and Cosmetics because I was tired of the stares and negative comments I would receive from people. It’s even gone as far as being handed domestic violence pamphlets and someone insisting that I seek help. Recently I teamed up with Dermablend Pro and took part in the Dermablend Camo Confessions Campaign.  The pupose of the Dermablend Camo Confession Campaign is  to  Reveal how we  “Blend in to stand out” in order to  inspire others and to help woman battling appearance related side effects from Cancer treatments.  For

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by POPSUGAR. While I was compensated to write a post about POPSUGAR NOW, all opinions are my own. Do you love all things celebrity  news and can’t get enough of it? Well, guess what! POPSUGAR Now is officially on TV. Yep, you heard it right! POPSUGAR now is on TVGN at 6pm every night. They’ll be giving you the scoop on everything behind the scenes during the awards, how to exercise, look good and be fabulous! I will definitely be tuning in and when I can’t be in front of my TV I will definitely be recording it  with my DVR. Make sure you tune in and check it out.      • The POPSUGAR Now Channel Guide:

Cosmetically Challenged OOTD, Alexander Wang Rockie Duffel

Guess what guys!! It was over 50 degrees outside today and I did not know how to act! I couldn’t wait to go outside and just feel the warm sun on my skin.  Today I decided that the theme for my Outfit of the day would be playing with fabrics so I went with lace, pleather and suede. I accented this look with my new Alexander Wang Rockie Duffel bag that I am absolutely in love with to ad a bit of color. Compared to last weeks Outfit of the day  where the photos were ubber awkward how do you think I did? Earrings: Peace Images Jewelry 

Must Have Beauty Book and Vidoes

How do you like to learn about Beauty and Makeup? Most people turn to youtube, but I’ve always been the type of person that likes to curl up with good book or a movie and just indulge.  I’ve always been into Makeup but I really didn’t turn to books until I started working as a MUA while living in North Carolina. Though it came out after I left North Carolina my favorite book of all time has to be the Makeup Your Mind Express Yourself by Francois Nars. What I love the diversity of this book and how it uses the overlays to help show you how the makeup look was created. Kevyn Aucoin one of the masters in Makeup Artistry’s Face Forward  is one of the most epic books I’ve ever read. If you are interested in more than just Makeup Application and want to know about Artistry this

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