January 6, 2014

My Resolutions

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Bright red female lips

Here we are jumping right into 2014. This past month of December was a very hard month for me. A friend and a family member went home to be with the Lord. While one of the passings was very unexpected the passing of my Grandmother was something that I knew in my heart was going to happen, something that I thought I was ready for, but when it happened it took me by complete surprise. Over the past couple of days I’ve had time to sit down and just reflect on life, my goals and my dreams. I want to

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Kushy Foot Tights

So much for our random 70 degree weather in December, it’s frio outside! The worst part about it being so cold is the fact that usual tights just aren’t cutting it anymore. That is until I heard of Fleece Tights. My initial thoughts were all about how sweaty my thighs were going to be. I mean they already have intimate conversations when I walk so to have them wrapped up all toasty before they got to gossiping wasn’t exactly ideal in my book. My husband loves it when I wear skirts so I decided to give these babies a spin since

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Chocolate Hair 3

  Time is definitely flying! I am 8 months into my transition phase and my roots are telling all my secrets. This time I decided to take a break from my usual and rock some Chocolate Hair! Chocolate Hair is by the company ChocolateHairs.com and is 100% Unprocessed Natural Virgin Cuticle Hair. I received three packs of hair in the following lengths 14,16, and 18. 


It’s a Wigs “Molly” is ubber ubber super duper short. Like honestly either my head is just massive or  the model in this picture has a super teeny head because it took me FOREVER to get it to fit my head. Okay let me give you the basics, as I said this is a Human Hair full cap wig. There are no combs but there are adjustable straps on the back. In order to get this baby on I actually had to unhook the straps. I think the best way to wear this wig, if you have a lot of

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black and white

  Polka Dots, Checks and Stripes! I love them all but lately I’ve been loving the stylish look of Cheveron, Houndstooth and ink blots! Black and white make patterns stand out and help enhance their boldness. The Issac Mizarahi Dora Pump $134, is a perfect example of a pump that can be worn with everything. The Chevron pattern is classic and the gold heel and jeweled embellishment make it even cuter! Pair it with some nice jeans and a tee I own both the Kate Spade Rachelle Wellesley Black and White Striped Handbag and the Calvin Klein Black and White Houndstooth

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Sick Child

When I was born, I was diagnosed with spherocytosis which is a hereditary disease that affects the spleen and red blood cells.  In other words, my red blood cells are deformed and my spleen destroys them because they are not recognized as perfect cells.  My first crisis with this condition began at age ten when my whole entire immune system shut down.  I was in the hospital for a while and the nurses who took care of me where simply angels. Not only did they take care of my physical needs, but they made me feel comfortable by taking care of

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California Lace Wigs and weaves

California Lace Wigs and Weaves was established in the Summer of 2006 by Annette Jones. Quickly rising to one of the most sought after American Lace Wig Vendors around. California Lace Wigs and Weaves offers a plethora of options ranging from extensions to Stock Lace Wigs and Weaves, Custom Units and even Medical Lace Wigs. Now that I’ve been wearing extensions and wigs while I transition I jumped at the chance to chat with Annette and learn a bit more about the brand. Check out my interview below. 1. How did you get your start in the Wig and Hair Extension Industry? I

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Beauty Blogger Heat Protectants

  [colored_box color="grey"]Affliate Links[/colored_box]     Since I’m transitioning, protecting my hair from heat damage is very very important. I’ve had heat damage before and so when half of your hair is damaged and straight and the other half is naturally curly it really makes you rethink things.  I usually try to keep to only using heat on my hair 2-3x’s per week and when I do I always reach for a heat protectant.  Heat Protectants protect your hair from the potential damage that can result from daily use of heat-related hair care products, such as dryers and flat irons. With

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Teacher Helping Students

Education has always been a huge part of my life. My mother was a pre-school teacher so she raised me to love reading and writing. I was speaking in complete sentences at 2 years old and writing stories by the age of 5. I always loved school and did really well. Often in childhood, I would say that I wanted to be a teacher just like my mother.I think three significant things happened to me that really solidified my desire to pursue a life dedicated to the education of our future leaders: one, there were two TV shows that I

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  NAKED 3 is finally available at Sephora.com. Don’t miss out on this hot beauty item. Have your Sephora Rewards Gift Card? Use it and save either $15 or $20 off! Want to see swatches before you buy? Just check out my review here!

Panete Header

[colored_box color=" grey"] “Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Pantene through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Pantene Truly Natural, all opinions are my ow [/colored_box]   Transitioning is not easy. I’ve made it to month 7 by the grace of God, but each and every time my hair isn’t in a protective do I just want to grab the scissors and start snipping off all my relaxed ends. Taking care of your hair while transitioning is very important. This is why I alway look for products that are geared towards natural hair but will work

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Zoya Natural

    Zoya is going natural! Their next collection, to be released Jan 1st 2014 is going to be my absolute favorite. As I’m getting older I’m finding myself leaning toward more natural and neutral shades. The natural nail only better… The Zoya Nail Polish Naturel collection masters delicate tone on tone color with six new, full-coverage (opaque) neutral nudes with a pink undertone, that can be worn beautifully alone or stunningly together to create modern tonal accents. The Look: It’s not about matching – it’s about coordinating colors with slight tonal differences to create interest.