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Although I’m a beauty blogger I can’t help but share some of my favorite fashion lust, and finds with you all every now and then.  My style is all about whatever catches my eye. I do my best to stay away from trends and fads because I hate spending money on something that is going to go out of style in less than 3 months. Usually when I’m window shopping or browsing the web I look for things that I can pair with multiples items rather than a one time outfit. I also NEVER pay full price, there’s always a deal to be had and that’s why I love Shopstyle. If you subscribe you get daily emails that let you know when various stores are having a sale. Shopstyle also allows you to search for virtually anything in the fashion world. See a bag you like but you don’t necessarily

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swoop bang

Last February I had Senegalese Twist installed. I hadn’t had braids in years and I wanted to take a break from doing my hair so I decided that they would be the best thing. Everything was going great honestly, the braids didn’t feel too tight around my edges and I had no issues with hair bumps that indicate such. No problems that is until I took my braids out. I noticed thats some of my hair came out with my braids seriously thinning the edges along my right temple. The picture shown above is actually about several months later with tons of new growth, even though the area is still thin just imagine that it was 10x’s worse when it first occurred.  As a Women of Color I know how precious edges are and how it can cause one to lose a bit a self confidence. I mostly now wear

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Naked 3 Urban Decay 1

So I told myself I wasn’t going to purchase the Naked 3 palette. I mean do we really need another Naked Palette since we already have 2.5? As always as soon as the word went up I went straight to the website and ordered. Not for me though, honestly this is for you all, my readers. There aren’t many Women of Color with Swatches of the Naked 3 palette up. Usually when the first previews go out a select few Women of Color get the palette, but they post a picture on Instagram and never actually swatch them. So I felt it was my obligation to my readers to give you guys a first hand look at the coveted Naked 3 Palette.   Naked 3  $52 is the newest introduction the the Naked Family of Palettes. I have Naked and Naked Basics so I was curious to see what the

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Justin Bieber Girlfriend

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community. This shop has been compensated as part of social shoppers insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions are 100% my own. #cbias #SocialFabric It’s that time of year again, time to pull out the list and check them twice.  If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas that will cause symptoms of squeals and smiles along with a price tag that won’t break the bank look no further than Walmart.  Seriously, there’s no need to wait until black friday to get an awesome deal Walmart because they have some awesome gift sets in stock this year for  everyone in your family including these awesome perfumes sets featuring your favorite Celebrity Singers. The great thing about these sets is that they only retail for $19.99 #scentsavings! If you’re not sure which scent to pick up no worries at all, there

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POPSUGAR Live! Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for your friends and family, or maybe even yourself? Then check out the PopSugar Select Gift Guide that will air live at 3pm EST on November 20th! I’m excited about this because PopSugar has all the info on the latest fashion, beauty, diy and much more. I have 3 more people to buy for so I’m sure to find something for them all. What’s even better is that while it air’s live there will be links directly to each item so no searching around! Click here to grab more info.

Beauty Box 5

  I have never been part of a subscription box program. Well, I guess I did do Julep for a while but that was different because it was completely nail polish. So, when I was offered the chance to review Beauty Box 5 I thought it would be pretty cool and jumped at the chance.  Beauty Box 5 is a subscription program that sends monthly beauty boxes packaged with 5 sample and some full size cosmetics products selected by a team of beauty experts. The subscription service is only $12 per month which is pretty reasonable compared to a lot of other programs out there. My first box came with five beauty items: Travel Size Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion, Model Co Illusion Lip Pencil, Swissco Glitter Toe Separators  La Fresh Travel Lite Facial Cleansing Wipes, and a Nubar Polish. Alright lets break down my thoughts… I honestly was kind of disappointed.  The

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Centrix Q Zone Dryer Out of Box

I’ve had my fair share of run in’s with a hair dryer. Their hot, heavy, and noisy. I’m transitioning so I’m taking a lot of care in all aspects of my hair, including the blow drying process. Usually when I blow dry my hair I’m stuck upstairs in my bathroom with the door closed to contain the noise and not disturb my husband and his TV watching.  Anyone else have this dilemma? I recently received the Q Zone Quiet dryer to review, and honey it came at the right time because my previous dryer was on it’s last legs. The Q Zone Quiet dryer retails for $110 and is equipped with a Power Booster as well as a removable concentrator attachment. I personally didn’t think it would live up to it’s name. I’ve become accustomed to the fact that hair dryers are just supposed to be loud. The louder they

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Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington has graced the cover of 5 magazines this year. On every cover she has looked absolutely flawless and has caused me to reconsider taking another bite of my cheeseburger. Twitter has been a complete buzz today with the new Lucky Magazine cover featuring the Scandal Star… except, that’s not really the Kerry Washington, Oliva Pope, Fitz’s boo thang we’ve all come to know and love. Who is this on the cover of Lucky Magazine? If it’s Kerry was the excessive photoshopping needed? Weigh in and tell me what you think.  

Sephora VIB Must Haves

Got your Sephora VIB codes in the mail? Alright, then lets go shopping! I spend a lot of time that I don’t have on the Sephora website and so I finally narrowed it down the top items I think every VIB must own.   1. Sephora’s New Formula X Nail Polish: I’ve heard some AMAZING things about this line of nail polish. I’ve yet to try it out but if nail bloggers all over are swooning at the formula I know I need to own one myself. The set retails for $55 but comes down to $44 with your VIB coupon, making each polish $2 each!! Now that’s what I call a deal! Click here to view this great beauty buy. 2. Nest Fragrances Midnight Fluer Perfume: This is the scent of the century. I’ve seen post about NEST all over Instagram so when I ventured to Sephora to get

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xlash week 3 and a half

Hey guys, I’m a bit behind on my Xlash post so I’m coming at you with weeks three and four combined. I’ve been using  this product for a month now so just to recap Xlash  is the number one eye enhancer in Europe and promises to deliver longer thicker eyelashes in just a few weeks. I’ve decided to chart my use of this product over a month. So here’s the big question, is there is a noticeable difference? In comparing week 1 to week 3-4 I don’t think there is a visually noticeable difference in my lashes. When I apply mascara I feel that my lashes do appear thicker especially the bottoms ones, but I would love to see the results without the Mascara. With that being said I wouldn’t count this product out. I’ve seen great results on other users, which is why I really wanted to try it out. Interested

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Milani Sparkle

The Milani Sparkling Top Coat Mascara seemed like they would be the perfect thing for all the Holiday and New Years Eve Parties. They come in three colors Bronze Glare, Golden Eyes and and Silver Gaze. Retail price for each mascara is $4.99 which is a great deal. I applied these to my eyelashes with and without mascara and for some reason I could not get the sparkles to adhere to my lashes. Basically after trying one, two and three coats it was like I just had pieces of glitter randomly on my lashes. Here are swatches of each of the glitter mascara’s below. Milani usually really great products but unfortunately this was a miss.


Top 3 Go to Makeup Items When I am In a Rush? I always keep some type of concealer, setting powder and eyebrow pencil nearby. These are the basic items that put my face together in the morning. Without them I’d be a dull boring mess. You can’t have a nice face with messed up eyebrows. Likewise your eyebrows can’t be done and your face is just plain jane! Below I’ve linked post from my Hue In the City Sisters. Make sure you stop by and see what 3 products they need in a rush!   Mina reviews OFRA Cosmetics Semi Permanent Waterproof Eyebrow Gel Leticia makes some incredibly easy Beetle Nail Art for the ladies with short nails Genia wants to show you her Inglot pretties Quinn is celebrating Fab Five Friday with blush! Jessica reviews Painted Earth Boo Boo Gel Mai and her Rose Gold Romance face of

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