A Jane Iredale Starter Kit Could Easily Be Yours!

jane iredale starter kit 1

Win a Jane Iredale Starter Kit!!!   I absolutely love Jane Iredale! Their Pure gloss is phenomenal and I’m never without one in my makeup bag. I have several reviews for jane iredale all throughout the blog so make sure you check some of them out. We all know how important it is to find the [...]

How the Make Up For Ever Boutique Reminded Me that I was Beautiful


I’ve been playing makeup for years. I dabbled as a makeup artist while living in NC, I’ve taken several classes and watched many a video on makeup application. While I’m still a huge makeup hoarder fan I’ve gotten so busy with school and life that I basically just went with the simplest makeup applications. You [...]

Natural Hair Color Bold and Beautiful.

Chrisette Michelle

I really really really want to color my natural hair. Although I just went natural and I should be focusing on perfecting my regimen I can’t help but stare at pictures of gorgeous naturals with amazing daring hair colors. The photo of Chrisette Michelle above stops me in my tracks. First of all she’s wearing [...]

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color Is True to it’s Name!

Milani Cosmetics Spring 2014 Lip Intense Liquid Colorin shades  Violet Addiction, Fiery Coral and Pink Rave

  Milani Cosmetics Lip Intense Liquid Color is seriously like…really I have no words to actually describe what it’s like because the name says it all. It’s an intense rich vibrant mesh of gloss and lipstick. I guess I could kind of liken it to a a creamy lip tar. The colors are bold and [...]

Five Things I’ve Learned from Blogging

Five Things I learned from Blogging

1. Pick a Lane!: People blog for different reasons. Sometimes it’s just to write as an escape, others do it as a hobby ,and very few actually do it to make a living. No matter why you decide to start blogging I’ve learned the most important thing is  to pick a lane and stay in it. Don’t [...]

Getting back my Melody


This is my second time transitioning and will be my third big chop. Wow, my third big chop… when I think about how long my hair would’ve been if I never big chopped the first time… Actually let me not. I BC’d the second time because my hair was consuming my life. The literal “wash [...]

California Lace Wigs And Weaves Malaysian Loose Curl Review


California Lace Wigs and Weaves is one of the largest online  vendors of Custom Lace Wigs. I had the opportunity to chat with the founder Annette Jones about the company  and you can read all about it here. Now lets get to this super fabulous hair!!! While California Lace Wigs and Weaves makes amazing custom [...]

Win It! derma e Prize Pack and a $250 Visa Gift Card Give Away!

Derm E PRize Prack

Derma e (http://www.dermae.com) has teamed up with Cosmetically Challenged and a number of my favorite beauty bloggers to offer one lucky winner a fabulous prize package of products AND a $250 Visa Gift Card for a total value of $370.00! ($369.70) One of the largest natural facial care brands in the US, derma e believes that skin health [...]

Single Ladies Episode 2 Season 3 Recap

Single Ladies Season 3

This episode of Single Ladies was a bit ho hum, but there was a surprise that had me screaming “Let Me Find Out..!!” Raquel is still on the hunt for an investor to replace Eve for her boutique Indulgence so her and April hit up a party so that Raquel can speak with a friend [...]

Do Your Shoes Have A Time Limit for Wearability?

Lada Gaga Alexander Mcqueen

The older I get the more I realize that my feet just can’t handles certain types of shoes anymore. When I was a young whipper snapper I used to be able to walk back and forth across the yard to my classes rocking my newest pair of stilettos. Now, before purchasing a shoe I think [...]

LUSH Spa Opens in Philadelphia


  If you live in the city of Philadelphia you’ve been Lushed at least once in your life. Yes, Lushed’ what results after one has used one of the many amazing bath and body products that the Lush store has to offer. I remember the first time I was Lushed’.. best day of my life… [...]

2014 New Fragrance Releases!

New Fragrances for 2014

I love to smell good. I have a pretty sizable collection and mood determines my scent of the day. Today I have 6 new fragrances that are set to debut this year. Some are already in stores and a few have yet to be released but I can tell you that  that there are two [...]

Milani Cosmetics 2014 New Beauty Releases


Milani  Cosmetics has a whole slew of new items coming out in the very near and I mean possibly next month future! I absolutely love their products. I was completely won over by last years line of lipsticks so you know I am over here body rolling with excitement. Milani has seven new product line [...]

Single Ladies Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

Single Ladies

Single Ladies is back, finally!!! Hasn’t it been like a year since the Season 2 Finale? It’s been so long that I was beginning to think that they’d taken it off the air and just left us hanging like they did the show Girlfriends. I’m still a little salty that Joan never got married… Anyways [...]

Sarah Jessica Parker Launches New Shoe Line


We’ve all lusted and drooled over the many fashions and shoe choices of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw during her run on Sex in the City. While the show has long rolled it’s final credits we’ll never forget the impact this show had on many of our closets. I often wish that I had [...]

My Chocolate Hair gets an Upgrade!

Chocolate Colored Hair 4

Remember back when I showed you my awesome Chocolate Bundle Remy Hair? No welp, click here and refresh your memory a bit. This hair is 100% human and has not been previously chemically treated. This means you can custom color this hair to whatever shade your prefer. I decided that I wanted to do something [...]